Wall stone wall blocks

grey granite wall blocks Murr

size 40x40 cm

front and back natural split, top and bottom sawn, top rough flamed

grey granite G341 wall stone wall blocks

Products Name: wall blocks murr
Material: grey granite G341
Color: Grey
Place of Origin: China
Finishing: front and back natural split, top and bottom sawn and top rough flamed, 2 ends rough
Usual Size: 20x20x80-150cm, 30x30x80-150cm, 40x40x80-150 cm, 50x50x80-120 cm etc.
Packing: in standard wooden crates or wooden pallets
Lead time: one week
Customerized available


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Products Name:  Kerbstone   
material:  G341 
Color Grey
Place of Origin     
Finishing Natural split, Sawn cut, Flamed, Sandblasted, Rough hammered, Bush hammered, Rough picked, Mushroom, cut, etc. 
Edge Bevel, Slant, etc.
Finished Products kerbstones, Paving stone, Cubes, Bridge kerbs
Usual Size 8x15x80-150cm, 8x20x80-150 cm, 10x15x80-150cm, 10x20x80-150cm, 12x15x80-150cm, 12x25x80-150cm, 12x30x80-150cm, 14x20x80-150cm, 14x25x80-150cm, 15x25x80-150cm, 20x25x80-150cm, 20x30x80-150cm, 30x20x80-150cm. etc.
packing: in standard wooden crates or wooden pallets
lead time: one week
customerized available

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