The development of “Golden Stone” fusion point
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As a kind of high – grade building decoration materials, stone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and establishment of public facilities. Along with the development of architectural design, the stone has already become one of the important raw materials for building, decoration, road and bridge. China’s western region of great stone resources, rich in category, trading activity, but the level of market operation of foreign and domestic coastal areas, is still at a significant disadvantage; Chengdu and the higher level of home building materials industry development, Chengdu and southwest stone trading platform and market operation is relatively backward.


Face the growing demand for stone and high-end stone trading market opportunities, Chengdu “stone business” from the aspects of macro economic development, industry needs support, industry development and competition pattern of, found that Chengdu in the future the western region of China building materials industry especially in stone production, processing, display, trading, logistics will play an important role, and strive in this trend, to find suitable stone enterprise market space and profit opportunities to intervene.


In order to grasp the opportunity of development of stone market, “stone business Baotuan development in Chengdu, in Chengdu City Federation of industry and Commerce and other relevant departments under the guidance, a for” stone “build exchange information, facilitate communication, resource sharing, solidarity, cooperation and win-win platform, Chengdu stone industry chamber of Commerce was founded.


Create a platform for the establishment of the chamber of Commerce


November 23 afternoon, stone industry chamber of Commerce in Chengdu, the first member of Congress and establishment of celebration, held in Chengdu hi tech Crowne Plaza Hotel. From Chengdu City, city, Chengdu City Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments of the leadership, Fuzhou, Luoyuan Province, Fujian County, province, the relevant leaders, Chengdu stone industry representatives, and other members of nearly 300 people witnessed the establishment of Chengdu Stone Industry Chamber of commerce. Ruan Weiqing was elected president, Lin Gang, Xu Zhiqiang, Xin Paishou, Shen Youguang as vice president. It marks the Chengdu stone industry has entered a new development process.


Chengdu City Industrial and commercial associated leading chamber of Commerce of the stone industry in Chengdu established congratulations: “Chamber of commerce is industry management main body, is the link between cooperative enterprises, is the bridge of communication between government and enterprises, in increasingly perfect socialist market economy, the irreplaceable important role for maintaining the market order to mask. Chengdu Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce was established, comply with the needs of the development of enterprises under the new normal.”


“We are looking forward to a belongs to stone their common ‘home’, a can for us to cover windshield rain ‘Harbour’ in a foreign land.” This is the common aspiration of stone business members.


“Chengdu stone business after years of market risks and challenges of temper, teams continue to grow and develop, hope Chengdu stone industry chamber of Commerce, the first session of the Council to make full use of good fellowship and interaction, cooperation and win-win ‘platform, play the role of a bridge between, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all parts of the country, strengthen and business community at home and abroad, the establishment of good’ foreign exchange, information sharing, solidarity and cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, integration of resources, cooperation and win-win” platform. ” Fuzhou City, Luoyuan Province, Fujian Province, the relevant person in charge of the meeting to speak.


Thinking innovation and difficulties


China since 2005 ranked the first stone production country in the world, export and consumption in the later, stone industry have for many years to maintain a rapid growth, continue to stimulate the development of global stone industry, has become a hot topic in the world market. China’s stone industry has become a barometer of the world’s stone industry. Due to the international situation, in 2014 the market demand growth slowed down, the enterprise in the export side of the cost advantage in gradually weakened. To meet the needs of the domestic market is the urgent task of stone enterprises, the situation is very grim.


Ruan Weiqing said: “Chengdu served as the first president of the chamber of Commerce in the stone industry, there are more dynamic pressure. Although in recent years, the overall downturn in the stone industry, but I still very optimistic about the stone industry. Chengdu stone industry processing enterprises in the past is mainly facing the consumer market and investment market, the export market has not become the main market, the future will realize the industry Chu shifted to the export market, the investment market and the consumer market. It is estimated that a large number of improvement of the residential renovation, this will have a huge stone demand, but also with the increase in the number of residential ownership.”


“Calamity, died of happiness. Only overcome difficulties will make progress, only in this moment, to witness the real strength of a chamber of commerce.” The first session of the board of supervisors, Ceng Yongquan said, Chengdu stone industry needs to carry out product innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation, and at the same time to meet the needs of the construction of beautiful China, highlighting the need to conserve resources and clean production. Chengdu has become an important stone production, export and consumption city. I believe that after the cold winter will



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